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I acknowledge that:

  1. This site - StayWell Consumer Health Library (also known as CHL or StayWell Solutions® Online) - and any information and resources contained on this site: (i) is provided for informational purposes only, (ii) may be unreliable for many reasons including subsequent research, findings and test results, and (iii) is not intended to be relied upon for medical diagnosis or treatment nor a substitute for medical advice or the care that patients receive from their healthcare providers.

  2. I understand and agree that neither STAYWELL (including its subsidiary and/or affiliated companies) nor its suppliers or vendors are responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage directly or indirectly resulting from my use of this site or the information or resources contained on, or accessible through, this site.

  3. My use of this site is subject to all additional disclaimers and caveats that may appear throughout the site.

  4. This site may contain links to websites that are not operated by, affiliated with, or endorsed by STAYWELL. Because these third-party sites are not under STAYWELL's control, any link to a third-party site is provided for purposes of reference only and STAYWELL is not responsible for any information on, or my use of, any third-party site.

  5. I understand that the use of foreign language translation services that may be available are at my own risk and that these foreign language translations may be unreliable for medical or any other purposes.

  6. I access and use this site and any other linked sites, including the information, services, products, materials and any other resources contained on them, solely at my own risk. 

  7. In the event that I have a question regarding any health-related information or resources on this site, I should consult my healthcare provider.

  8. People under the age of 18 should not use this site because the site is not designed for minors.


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Revised: October 2018

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Date Last Reviewed: 10/4/2018
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